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I don't want this space to be all about me and my journey. I want it to live and breathe with all of our journeys, whether they directly relate to artist's way activities or not. This is a space for creative rebirth, renewal and revelations. If you've read a great quote, share it! If you've seen an amazing documentary that inspired you, tell us about it! If you've created an amazing collage that you are bursting with pride over, we'd love it if you let us sneak a peek of it.

To start us off, today, I'll just share some of my journey this week with Artist's Way activities. Tomorrow, i think I will share one of my artistic endeavors. Watch out, world!...

From My Hall of Champions

One of the biggest cheerleaders of my creativity in my life has been Jenn H. Jenn was one of my best friends throughout my childhood years, and she was incredibly special to me in so many ways. But the gift she gave my creative self-worth left a lifelong imprint.

Every story I wrote for several years, Jenn demanded to read, regardless of whether it was finished or in “perfect” condition. I’d bring in a story to school and wait with bated breath for her reaction sometime later in the day, which was always, “I love it! This is awesome!” In her bubbly penmanship, she’d leave comments in the margins next to her favorite lines or react to things characters did. I still have the story where she wrote something to the effect of, “You have to finish this story, or I will kill you!” I want to frame those words because the motivating power of them was so incredible to me. They made my day then, and thinking about them at this moment makes my day once again.

Jenn offered the kind of unconditional love and support of a friend that everyone deserves to be blessed with at some point in their life. Not having her in my life in quite the same way anymore definitely leaves an un-fillable hole. She knows how she touched my life though. And she still offers to read my writing. Maybe I'll take her up on that offer again one day soon.

If I had Five Other Lives to Lead, I would be:

1. A Cirque du Soleil acrobat
2. A Broadway performer
3. A web designer
4. A motivational speaker
5. A forensic scientist
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