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A New Journey Begins

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As the new year dawns and I hunker down to finish my novel, I come once again to The Artist’s Way. For the last couple weeks, I have been taking increasing steps toward unblocking myself creatively again. I’ve been talking about my journey and brainstorming aloud and on paper. I’ve been researching areas where I am less than an expert to keep me moving forward in those parts of the story that had previously caused me to tread water or circle back to other storylines. And yes, I am once again remembering to play on the page.

An athlete stretches and lifts weights to prepare for peak performance racing. Those seeking creative success—and by success here, I mean being actively creative instead of creatively blocked—also can do exercises to help get and keep them conditioned for optimum creativity. To help me stay on track with one of my new year’s resolutions, which also happens to align with Cameron’s Basic Principles of Creativity: Using my God-given gifts of creativity and working toward my creative dreams, I turn to the Artist’s Way course for additional direction.

I encourage any of you seeking to claim more creativity in your life to take the journey with me on whatever path you are called. Regardless of how old we are or where life has taken us thus far, whether art is our calling, career, or a hobby, “it is not too late or too egotistical or too selfish or too silly” to discover and affirm our creativity.
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