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Circling Back to Week 3

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Week Three

Recovering a Sense of Power

Detective Work: An Exercise

Decided to post some of the answers that have changed on my most recent pass through Week 3

  • My favorite childhood toy was... my Cabbage Patch Kids and Barbies. The former I pretended were my kids or my students who I was teaching. The latter I directed in re-make of my favorite musicals and movies.
  • I don’t do it much but I enjoy... just floating around in the water.
  • If I could lighten up a little, I’d let myself...go out for a night of Karaoke.
  • If it weren’t too late, I’d... be a music virtuoso.
  • If it weren’t so stingy with my artist, I’d buy her... Bird by Bird, Writing Down the Bones, a dictionary of modern slang, and a huge desk with drawers and a tower of shelves.
  • Taking time out for myself is... easier when no one else is around, though too often I waste time with non-fulfilling things.
  • I am afraid that if I start dreaming..., I will be really depressed when reality fails to live up to my dreams
  • If I had had a perfect childhood I’d have grown up to be... totally fluent in Spanish with decent fluency in at least 1 other language, and I'd have a career that made use of that gift with languages and nurtures my love of international travel
  • If it didn’t sound so crazy, I’d write or make... a movie or TV show based on the characters in the novel I am currently writing
  • My God thinks artists have a special connection to Him. He thinks I should stop making excuses and let Him do his thing through me like He used to do when I was a child.
  • What makes me feel weird about this recovery is... that if unblocking my creativity can lead to achieving my lifelong dream if I'm bold enough to taste it. I can literally reach out and touch friends whose writing dreams have actualized for them. I can be fulfilled and happy in this.
  • Learning to trust myself is probably... the hardest things for me to do--and probably one of the most important.

Powerful Quotes of the Week:

"When a man takes one step toward God, God takes more steps toward that man than there are sands in the worlds of time."——The Work of the Chariot

"Desire, ask, believe, receive."——Stella Terrill Mann

"A discovery is said to be an accident meeting a prepared mind."——Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

"Chance is always powerful. Let your hook be always cast; in the pool where you least expect it, there will be fish."——Ovid

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